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RIDI Awards 2015

The 2015 Recruitment Industry Disability (RIDI) Awards celebrates the recruitment profession’s commitment to removing barriers faced by disabled jobseekers. In these awards The Clear Company are very pleased to have won 3 awards: Reasonable Adjustments in Recruitment, Employers Choice and Technology for Inclusion.

Winner of: Reasonable Adjustments in Recruitment Award

Making adjustments to all aspects of the recruitment process is not only the law, it is vital to the successful attraction and selection of disabled talent. This award recognises innovation in the provision of reasonable adjustments.

“Inspired by the RIDI Survey where 74.1% of disabled candidates said they would not declare a disability for fear of not getting the job, this winning entry has changed the way organisations approach reasonable adjustments, using technology to keep the individual at the heart of the adjustment process, the judges were particularly impressed with the fact this unique approach does not require the traditional ‘declaration’ focusing on impact rather than cause.”

In a 2011 survey conducted by the Clear Company, 74.1% of disabled candidates said they would not declare a disability for fear of not getting the job as a result.

In addition, employers are not allowed to ask health or disability related questions unless they can explicitly evidence that they do not form part of the candidate assessment.

The Clear Company has now released Clear Talents©, an online system providing candidates with an environment within which they can explore the support that’s available, without having to ‘declare’ a disability. By identifying only the impact that a disability or health condition (as well as many other protected characteristics) has on their ability to perform well throughout the process.

Focusing on the tasks involved including, communicating, using pen and paper, using computers and other equipment, travelling to and from assessments or interviews and meeting people face to face enables the system to provide reports, for the benefit of recruitment stakeholders, that provides guidance and support at each stage of the recruitment process, ensuring that the most appropriate reasonable adjustment is put in place every time.

The results are incredible, with clients now providing some form of adjustment for more than 10% of applicants. The majority of adjustments involve self-help solutions delivered by Clear Talents itself, but there are still many requiring thought and actions on behalf of the recruiter, such as changing the settings on a computer or providing applicants with assistance to apply.

Winner of: Employers Choice Award - Nominated by AbilityNet

Employers have a powerful role to play in changing how we recruit disabled talent. This award is for employers to recognise the contribution of a third party which has enabled them to achieve their overall objective of becoming more inclusive for disabled people.

“The Judges selected this winning entry due to the significant and lasting impact the nominee has had on them as an employer. This organisation has embedded a software solution that provides a helicopter view of the organisations health and wellbeing. The results have taken disclosure levels from less than 5% to 65%, adjustments in recruitment and at work are being confidently addressed and sickness absence rates have dropped by nearly 50% in a single year.” 

As a charity that exists to change the lives of disabled people by helping them to use digital technology at work, at home or in education, we at AbilityNet continually strive to ensure that we have a diverse workforce.

Since the start of 2014 we have gone from being a Charity trying to address diversity in our recruitment and in our workforce to being an example of market-leading best practice through the implementation of a unique online wellbeing management solution; Clear Talents (CT).

With the implementation of CT we were able to introduce a confidential, streamlined and easy to use process for our staff and all candidates applying for AbilityNet vacancies to disclose any disabilities or needs they may have.

Prior to the implementation of CT, HR and Line Managers spent significant time encouraging employees to disclose their disability but had minimal success with an employee disclosure rate of less than 5%.

Since implementation of the CT diversity management solution, however, there has been a seismic shift in our entire approach to, and success in, diversity and wellbeing management.

After having invited, encouraged and supported our entire workforce through the process, we now have a disclosure rate of 65% of our entire workforce and applicant base in all areas of need (across all nine protected characteristics) and every candidate and employee is able to use the same process to report any developments as their circumstances or role changes.

At the end of 2013 we had an average sickness rate of 6.2 days per employee per annum, following the introduction of the CT tool this fell to 3.9 days by the end of 2014.

Winner of: Technology for Inclusion Award - Joint Winner with AbilityNet

Modern technology, used successfully, should be a great enabler for disabled talent. This award recognises the power of technology in removing barriers in recruitment for disabled people and celebrates what organisations have done to achieve greater inclusion via adjustments to existing technology, or the implementation of new.

“The judges felt that Clear Talents was dedicated and purpose built to deliver making it a frontrunner in this category. There was an obvious impact upon sickness rates and confidence in declaration.”

At AbilityNet we were looking for a solution that would help us identify and understand the unique and individual needs of our workforce and of every candidate applying for an AbilityNet vacancy.

As a result we implemented Clear Talents, which is not only good at identifying and encouraging disclosure of needs across all areas of diversity, it also provides the tailored advice needed to help resolve those issues. This means that the vast majority of adjustments identified are implemented by the individual’s managers (99%+) which takes us from a position of low disclosure to one of full disclosure and resolution in one seamless process.

For example, the typical profile of a Clear Talents user can include details of:

  1. Disability (e.g. mobility, Specific Learning Difficulties, Sensory impairments)
  2. Health (long term)
  3. Culture (religion, belief system)
  4. Dietary requirements (Cultural e.g. Halal, vegetarian, Kosher; or physical e.g. a nut allergy)
  5. Sexuality, Sexual Orientation or Transgender
  6. Age
  7. Race and ethnicity
  8. Pregnancy & maternity
  9. Caring responsibilities outside of work
  10. Stress and Anxiety


From a starting level of below 5% AbilityNet now has a 65% overall level of disclosure. The system was able to identify, analyse and prioritise the severity of all required reasonable adjustments of each employee. The overall disclosure rate was found to comprise; minor 29%, moderate 20% and substantive 16%. The vast majority of these (99%+) were able to be resolved by managers with little or no assistance from anything other than the information and resources found within Clear Talents – even though a large proportion of these cases had moderate or even substantive requirements.

On a much larger scale, the system also provides organisations with a ‘helicopter view’ of the overall ‘health’ and wellbeing of their organisation, highlighting any common issues.

With regards to Clear Talents, there is literally no other product like it on the market and AbilityNet are extremely proud to be leading the way in implementing this innovative and uniquely effective solution to the challenge of identifying and addressing the rich and varied needs of a diverse workforce both present and future.

The Winners

Most Progress - Lloyds Banking Group

Employers Choice - Clear Talents

Agency Choice - Remploy

Individual Choice - BCL Legal

Extending The Reach - de Poel Community

Overall Candidate Experience - Leonard Cheshire

Reasonable Adjustments In Recruitment - Clear Talents

Disability Confident - Delsion

Innovation In Assessment - SEQOL

Technology For Inclusion - AbilityNet / Clear Talents

Inclusive Partnerships - Remploy / Equal Approach

Training and Development - E.ON

Overall Winner - de Poel Community

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