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Clear Assured gets a whole new look… And a brand new approach.

With 15 consecutive years of deep dive, pan diversity, inclusive recruitment reviews under our belt, we are taking the already well established Clear Assured assessment and development framework to the highest level.

Following consultation with more than 150 organisations, Clear Assured is evolving into a new standard that encompasses all aspects of diversity and inclusion, whilst still retaining our disability expertise. To support you through the new standard, the new framework is full of new content covering all nine protected characteristics and social mobility, becoming your comprehensive online resource centre.

We are pleased to announce that Clear Assured is the inclusive talent management standard for businesses and organisations of all sizes aiming to attract, employ and retain the broadest diversity of talent.

How does it work?

Graph showing org progress

Starting at ‘Foundation’ level, employers will automatically be rewarded for undertaking specific activities (like training, policy audits, and accessibility reviews) that contribute to becoming a more inclusive employer. The more an organisation does, the higher the level of reward and subsequent level of overall Achievement Award.

The easy to use online platform needs just one or two administrators. They manage the process of achievement across four main talent management areas - Policy and Process, Attracting Talent, Assessing Talent and Retaining Talent. The system uses a sophisticated algorithm to direct the D&I activities most needed by each organisation. As the results of activities are recorded in each area, the overall achievement award changes from Foundation through Bronze, Silver, and Gold to the ultimate award of Platinum.

The newly developed standard ensures all key people involved in talent management take part in getting the organisation started.

Kate Headley, Director of Consulting at the Clear Company says:

“All employers will come to this with a different focus on diversity, and all of the various stakeholders will have their own objectives, priorities, budgets and available resources. So, the new standard allows employers to engage key people, define their own starting point and set their direction of travel, meaning that their overall Achievement Award is aligned with their specific strategic objectives.

“For example, if an organisation knows it has an issue attracting women from a BAME background, the intelligence of the system will direct them to undertake specific activities, such as language and tone assessments, attention to candidate attraction and candidate experience strategies, advertising policy, diversity of role models and assessment panels, employee networks and so on, which, when combined, will address that specific issue.”

New system

Graph showing progress of single issue

“The clever bit is how the system steers the organisation to look at other issues, that can and invariably will, have an adverse impact on overall results, if not also addressed. Examples of these ‘things to consider’ include how role profile construction can impact on the attraction of Women from BAME backgrounds and how recruitment criteria relate to the development of person specifications and subsequent assessment strategies and processes.

“Taking this approach means that two organisations with very different objectives and internal issues to resolve can end up with the same level of overall Achievement Award.

“It also ensures that sustained achievement is based on a continuous journey of learning, action, measurement, and review on every aspect of inclusive recruitment and talent management.

“Clearly, employers will be awarded for their existing activities, such as memberships to other practice development bodies like Stonewall or BITC. If an organisation is already training it’s hiring Manager population on all things Diversity and Inclusion and Best Practice Recruitment, they too will be rewarded at the beginning of their journey.

“Indeed, existing Clear Assured adopters will be rewarded dependent on their current level of progress as we move from that framework to the all-new platform.”

Existing clients

Graph of further progress

We have invested heavily in online solutions for the assessment, development and measurement of best practice in recruitment and talent management for many years. This new standard is, however, one of the biggest leaps in technology applied to best practice development yet.

Existing Clear Assured clients will get the new system automatically and will be advised of the timing of the change over to the new platform nearer the launch date.

Clear Assured

Being a truly diverse organisation isn’t just vital for your reputation — it can also dramatically increase performance.

Clear Assured is an online self-assessment programme to help you achieve a nationally recognised standard in inclusive recruitment. It uses the resources available through Clear Kit but builds around them a bespoke journey for your organisation to guide you through to a level of best practice.

Once you have attained Clear Assured status, you will be able to badge yourself as a Clear Assured employer, demonstrating your commitment to diversity and reassuring candidates of a barrier-free experience.

How it works

You complete an online self-assessment of your existing processes and practices.

Your assessment is then tested against disabled people’s feedback, detailing their real experiences of the candidate journey.

Gaps between aspiration and reality are identified, along with the steps you need to take to meet the required standards.

Our expert consultants carry out ‘spot checks’ to make sure there is a consistency of quality of experience within your organisation and across all your recruitment stakeholders.


Why choose Clear Assured?

It’s the most cost-effective route to achieving best practice in recruitment and talent management.

It provides a structured framework to work towards best practice that’s tailored specifically to your organisation.

It brings significant benefits and kudos to your employer brand.

"The team has worked hard to achieve ClearAssured status and we are exceptionally proud to do so. Our recruitment team has transformed its approach and processes to further support inclusive recruitment, which has undoubtedly improved the candidate experience for all applicants. We are grateful to the Clear Company for supporting us throughout the process, helping us to become more disability confident.”

Tyrone Jones
Head of Values & Corporate Responsibility