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Clear Audit

Embedding a passion for diversity within your culture can have a huge impact on organisational performance.


Making sure your recruitment strategy is not excluding the most talented people is where we come in.

Clear Audit is a deep dive analysis of your recruitment policy, processes and practices to help identify and remove barriers to diversity within your organisation.

No other provider of recruitment reviews can offer the depth of knowledge and level of detail that the Clear Company delivers. 

How it works

Each audit is undertaken by a team of highly experienced Clear Company consultants and organisational behavioural experts and is driven by your specific challenges and goals.

Audits are carried out against a best practice model tested across a variety of geographic boundaries and legislative frameworks.

The process is pan diversity and includes all nine protected characteristics, as defined by the Equality Act 2010, as well as identifying any bias towards educational achievement or socio-economic background.

Who’s using Clear Audit?

Below are just some of the organisations who have gone through the Clear Audit process as the first step in understanding the challenges and benefits of becoming a truly diversity confident organisation:

  • Lloyd's of London
  • Skanska
  • Highways England
  • RBS
  • CEB/SHL Talent Measurement Solutions
  • NHS Trusts
  • Aon

“Clear have become true partners of the E.ON resourcing team and have created a momentum and passion for diversity that now feels part of our everyday lives. We have moved from a fear of getting it wrong to asking the question at every stage. Clear Audit was the catalyst for change and the support from Clear has been informed, practical and engaging. We would recommend this process highly”



"As with most organisations, creating an inclusive organisation comes with some cultural and capability challenges. We at Lloyd's engaged with Kate Headley and her team to review our HR processes and practices through the D&I lens.

"The outcome provided a great platform for Lloyd's to not only correct and create much improved processes, but also to up-skilling the business leaders and hiring communities in being much more inclusive in both their actions and their thinking."

Paul Awcock, Head of Talent Sourcing, Lloyd's of London