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Clear Talents At Work

The most effective way to manage reasonable adjustments and wellbeing for all employees.


Welcome to Clear Talents

Clear Talents is an online tool which is a simple and robust way of ensuring your candidates and employees can fulfil their potential, as well as giving you the guidance needed to be confident about making adjustments to accommodate diverse talent.

What does it do?

Reduces Sickness Absence levels

Case study:

Employee population: 6,000+

Sector: Science and Industry, Government Contracting and Consulting and Technical Product Development

Pre Clear Talents At Work levels per employee: 5.6 days

One year post implementation: 4.5 days

Savings: £3.4m pa

ROI: 3,000+%


Desktop Screen Assessment included as standard

Case Study:

"In Year One, Clear Talents At Work has replaced our Cardinus DSE assessment system resulting in five figure savings"

Employer Population: 2350

Sector: Engineering and Infrastructure

DSE Assessment: 7% of Desktop Screen Equipment users need some form of adjustment to their working environment

Result: Volume related purchasing power for certain equipment, higher levels of employee engagement and improved satisfaction ratings


Highlights and manages health and safety issues in the workplace

Case Study:

Health and Safety Issue: Identified repeated occurance of back pain issues for certain types of employees

Problem: Type of chairs in use in certain offices and by particular role types

Solution: Purchase 1,000 chairs with huge volume discount (60% cheaper)

Result: Reduced sickness absence for 960+ employees by as much as 2 days per year


Engages employees more fully

Valued Employees will stay longer and perform better. Clear Talents At Work has high levels of engagement.

Case Study:

Employee Population: 1,000 (UK)

Sector: Specialist Insurance and Reinsurance

Clear Talents At Work users in one year: 879

% Engagement in wellbeing programme: 96.5%


Escalates individual cases to Occupational Health or external assessment where needed

Case Study:

Employee Population: 1,840

Sector: Engineering

% Employees needing specialist assessment: 9.7%

Employees with all adjustment needs met after 4 months: 104