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Gender Pay Gap - from reporting to progress. Removing barriers and enabling fundamental culture change.

Established in 2003, The Clear Company are the recognised leaders of inclusive recruitment and talent management insight, training and technology in the UK. Supporting organisations to become inclusion leaders in their sector, we have helped our clients embed D&I into their everyday culture.


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Continuously refined over 15 years of practice our audits benefit from expert project management, company-wide engagement and forensic analysis of policy and process. We work with leaders in their field, including specialist D&I practitioners and organisational behavioural psychologists.

Designed to engage people across the business from the beginning, stakeholders have the opportunity to share their views and add value.

The result is a detailed, accurate reflection of your business showing the many different angles that impact diversity.

Gender Pay Gap infographic transcript

From reporting to inclusive, effective change. The Gender Pay Gap - 75% of businesses pay men more than women - On average women earn 17.9% less than men Businesses can get ahead of the game when they understand that barriers to inclusion are interconnected across many different areas. Closing your Gender Pay Gap is good for business - Businesses with gender equality perform better and are more resilient - Businesses with a low Gender Pay Gap are likely to have inclusive leaders. - Having 30% women on your board improves your profit margins - A low Gender Pay Gap creates a stronger employer brand and helps in the war for talent Closing your Gender Pay Gap is good for society - Closing the Gender Pay Gap creates a fair and equal society, improving social mobility when women enjoy the same lifestyle and retirement opportunities. - Women and men need to participate in developing gender balanced societal developments. - The UK could see it’s GDP increase by 9% if the Gender Pay Gap was closed Taking Action Clear Audit, a catalyst for improvement: - a deep dive into the reasons for your Gender Pay Gap - engages stakeholders across all levels of your business - an accurate reflection of your business showing what is holding women back - specific solutions that add most value to your organisation - includes long term, intersectional thinking that prepares for a pan diverse future Keeping momentum Our ongoing support delivers successful progress through a combination of training, toolkits and account management that are specific to your Gender Pay Gap journey. Trusted partner A flexible approach, based on a number of days per month. - Open access to the Clear Company team, to draw on the breadth of skills to support all Gender Pay Gap needs - A dedicated account manager to support you in how best to use your allocated hours - Unlimited query management - 24 hour response time to answer or an agreed timeframe dependant on the scale of request - Quarterly and annual reviews and associated activity planning - Privileged access to insight and research provided by the Clear Company Clear Learning – Inclusive recruitment and selection training The opportunity to overcome inclusive hiring challenges and improve skills with the Clear Company’s award winning, accredited training that provides a premium learning experience. Delivered by experienced, knowledgeable trainers, our training courses are intensive, highly interactive, challenging and fun. Available in a variety of learning formats: - Face to Face Workshops - Online Digital Learning - Blended Appropriate for in-house teams and supply chain. - Thought provoking, challenging questions deliver new ways of thinking - Organisations can embed consistency and best practice at all levels - Get the right hires quickly - Reduce attrition - Improve productivity Clear Assured – Intelligent HR Software Officially launched in January 2019 Clear Assured is intelligent HR software that guarantees complete clarity around D&I. Going way beyond being a library of information online, Clear Assured learns your D&I culture and practice objectives, engages stakeholders and sets direction for you to progress. Clear Assured drives meaningful change by providing organisations with the ability to confidently challenge current thinking and behaviours whilst providing busy HR teams with new direction based on the latest expertise and evidence. Real time updates allow users to measure progress and share their achievements internally and externally.


  • Objective, relevant well presented findings engage support for change at all levels of the business.
  • Innovative, achievable recommandations, actions and timeframes provide the basis for your ongoing inclusion journey towards pan diversity.
  • Constant support from our expert training and online toolkits enables your team to set targets and continually review progress towards an accredited standard



Over 15 years the Clear Company has continuously enabled its clients to achieve powerful, constructive change across recruitment and talent management:

  • Challenging conventional thinking and behaviours
  • Asking the difficult questions
  • Providing new direction based on the latest expertise and evidence
  • Supporting change with innovative products

The Clear Company took a very collaborative approach that focused on ways to improve the inclusiveness of our recruitment process going forward without providing judgement on past processes. This meant that all stakeholders were very engaged with learning how to remove potential barriers and to create an objective process.

Susan Downey, Head of HR, Miller