Business as usual…Literally.

As of Monday afternoon (16th March 2020), the Government strongly advised that we avoid non-essential contact, including working from home where possible. Whilst this is a reality for many organisations who have begun equipping employees with the tools they need to work remotely, it is important not to forget about the businesses and individuals for whom remote working may be difficult or next to impossible.  

Unless Government guidelines change, there are measures you can take to protect your employees and ensure business as usual if remote working is truly out of your reach.  

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The workplace  

  • Ensure employees are kept one metre apart (including desk layout; consider separating workspaces) 
  • Avoid sharing workplace equipment (stop hot desking and ensure employees have their own resources/materials/tools) 
  • Close communal kitchens where employees might share cutlery or coffee cups 
  • Provide plenty of tissues, hand sanitiser, and desk cleaning equipment 
  • Ensure bathroom facilities are stocked with soap  
  • Limit third party access to the office/building  
  • Run meetings over a virtual platform  

Introduce a flexible working policy  

  • Give employees the opportunity to travel at less busy times of day to limit contact with other people (consider changing working hours to start later or finish earlier) 
  • Give employees the freedom to limit contact hours where possible (offer shorter working hours, or 4-day weeks) 
  • If employees are unwell, follow Government guidelines to work from home or take sick leave – actively encourage employees to follow Government advice and stay home if they are unwell 
  • Cross-train employees to support each other’s responsibilities should one employee need to self-isolate/quarantine  

So long as Government guidelines remain the same, people in particular roles or industries may literally be going about business as usual, because working from home simply isn’t an option. Following our guidance above will help towards ensuring workers safety, however, we advise that all organisations and individuals remain vigilant to Government updates and monitor this ever-changing situation closely. For more details check out the official guidance from the Government. 

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