Construction and engineering firm Atkins become the latest to sign up to Clear Assured

Design, engineering and project management consultancy, Atkins have become the latest engineering business to choose Clear Assured.  Atkins committed to Clear Assured in December 2019 as part of their ED&I strategy.  The business is already a considerable way along the ED&I spectrum with a long-term strategy in place that cements the connection between ED&I, people priorities and the business plans.  Commitment to the strategy is seen throughout the business from Board level onwards and was one of the driving factors in the decision to take Clear Assured.

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Clear Assured is a recognised Diversity and Inclusion standard and is the only software platform that gives HR and Diversity teams clear direction, tools and benchmarking capability.   It is an accessible, digital HR platform containing the latest ED&I thinking with just in time guidance, strategic direction and online access to help at all times.

Owned and developed by the Clear Company, the toolkit offers an holistic pan-diversity approach that effectively measures the positive impact of change on organisational ED&I.


Clear Assured is becoming the chosen standard of performance measurement within the sector.  More and more organisations (public and private) value its ability to help them embed ED&I as a long-term business strategy able to build a culture of high performance. It’s suitability for large and small organisations means it has the advantage of enabling a collaborative sector wide approach as it can be used throughout an organisations supply chain. 

Head of Recruitment, Victoria Jones commented “At Atkins we know that ED&I is both a commercial imperative and a responsibility.  Our success and growth is made possible by the different thoughts and perspectives of our people, a community where everyone deserves to belong without exception.”

Managing Consultant at the Clear Company, Jen Davidson added “More and more organisations are using the Clear Assured Standard to generate change within their markets.  Embedding a culture of innovation to challenge existing behaviours and to attract the ever-changing diversity of our working population overcomes potential skill shortages and facilitates both growth and productivity.  However, this requires real commitment to work and think differently. Organisations that succeed do this very well.”

About the Clear Company

The Clear Company are the recognised leaders of inclusive recruitment and talent management insight, training and technology in the UK. Established in 2003 clients such as Lloyd’s of London, Highways England, Ofcom, The Civil Service, Co-op and PageGroup have taken significant steps on their inclusion journey, becoming leaders in their sectors around hiring and ongoing talent management.

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