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Using Data to Track D&I Progress

Wednesday 18th May 2022, 10:00am – 11:30am 

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Circle of Feet

We Will Discuss:

  • How do businesses measure their approach to Diversity, Equity and Inclusion?
  • key considerations for successful data collection, analysis and reporting and how to track change over time
  • Understand how inclusive your employees feel the culture is
  • Use valid and reliable scales to measure culture and inclusion
  • Lessons learned and next steps

Who Is This For:

  • Equity, Inclusion and Diversity managers
  • HR professionals
  • Talent Acquisition Specialists
  • Culture Change leaders
  • Network leads

Networking sessions will be interspersed through the session so that attendees can share their thoughts on the next steps.

Panel Speakers 

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Jonathan Briggs – Diversity, Inclusion & Resourcing Director 

Jonny joined Aviva as the Group Head of Talent Acquisition in January 2016 with responsibility for global recruitment, in 2018 he additionally took on the global Inclusion function. In 2021 he became the Diversity, Inclusion Director. Aviva is committed to moving D&I from being initiative led to having an Inclusive culture. He was previously Head of Talent Acquisition at Thomson Reuters (IP&S) for three years where he established a central sourcing hub, resulting in record time to hire, quality of hire and agency hire of under 5%.  

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Natalie Penrose – Head of Legacy

Natalie is the Head of Legacy at HS2 ltd, responsible for EDI, skills, education and employment. Prior to taking on this role on 2022, Natalie was in leadership roles at HS2 ltd in Community & Stakeholder Engagement. Before joining HS2 in 2018 Natalie worked across a range of sectors, including health, education, welfare and public sector audit. She has been leading teams for 25 years, and is passionate about integrity and fairness.

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Maria Carolina Baggio – Senior Consultant

Maria started working with Diversity & Inclusion after witnessing the reality of transgender people in São Paulo, Brazil. A business graduate from the University of São Paulo, Brazil, Maria was sure there was transformative potential in authentically inclusive organisations. At the Clear Company, Maria leads Audit and Learning projects for companies of different sizes and sectors. In her work, Maria has an eye for micro-cultures and local practices whilst mindful of the importance of a unifying, global strategy. She is a curious qualitative and quantitative researcher, using D&I data, interviews and focus groups to assess opportunities and take her clients one step further on their D&I journeys.

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