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Implementing Flexible Working

Implementing flexible working is becoming not only a challenge but a top strategic priority for companies wanting to create a stand – out employee experience for their talented workforce. The Clear Company have partnered with Flexpo to equip and empower your teams to build a culture of inclusivity, trust and high performance for your business. 

The Future Is Flexible

Flexpro is a virtual learning programme. It provides all the information, templates and resources for not only leaders and managers but also for individuals to use Flexpo’s proven methodology.

  • Teams can create and implement their own bespoke Team Charter for flexible working. 
  • Completely flexible approach that allows individuals to deliver what is needed for the business.
  • Contains all the guidance and training that HR leaders need.
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Why a Flexible Working Team Charter?

The charter is about collaborating to create a strategy where employers and employee’s will work better together to create balance between work and home life, with a range of additional benefits. 

  • Access to a wider talent pool.
  • Increased Diversity among employees. 
  • Enhanced work performance.
  • Promotes exceptional communication.

Collaborative and Bespoke

This way of working has been proven to connect your people so they have enhanced trust, and supercharged wellbeing. 

  • 87% of participants feel more able to work in ways that suit their lives.     
  • 64% say trust is increasing.                                                                                   
  • 70% feel flexibility is more accepted both inside and outside the team.
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Learn more about our digital Flexible Working Charter