“I’ll go crazy!” – How to make working from home, work. 

We hear it time and time again, “I’ll go crazy working from home!”, “I’m going to get so bored”, or “I don’t know how I’ll cope”. As self-isolation and quarantine measures tighten with the move to national lockdown, it’s time to prepare for the elongated stint of remote working. Following these simple steps will make working from home bearable at least; you might even find working from home advantageous for your personal growth.   

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Stay active  

Where you may be used to getting fresh morning air on your commute to work, it’s easy to stay cooped up in your home for days on end when working from home. Consider taking a morning run or walk to wake you up and keep some routine. There are also several health benefits to regular exercise such as maintaining your immune system and reducing stress hormones.   


Stay connected 

Staying connected is easier than ever – catch up with your team through virtual conferencing apps and group chats. Check that everyone is on track and doing well physically and mentally. For someone struggling with loneliness, the burden of working from home or the stress of Covid-19, a short kind message will go a long way.   

‘Go to work’ 

Try to work your normal hours if possible and communicate this with those you live with. Allocating a workspace will help you focus on your tasks and getting ready as you usually would in the morning will help put you in ‘work mode’.   

 Take regular breaks 

Regular rests and breaks will help you recharge and remain focused. Your manager should trust your ability to manage your own time; if the days are feeling long and dreary, take a little time out do the laundry, wash the car, mow the lawn or read the book. Working from homes give you the freedom to do any of the things you would usually put off.  

 Limit scrolling through negative news  

It is important to keep up to date with Government guidelines and developments in the global Covid-19 pandemic. However, too much negative news may be overwhelming or burdensome. According to the health organisation, minimising the amount of news you watch can be beneficial in helping people keep calm and positive.  WHO also suggests individuals “find opportunities to amplify positive and hopeful stories and positive images of local people who have experienced Covid-19. 

 Eat healthily  

With your cupboards stockpiled with snacks and treats, poor eating habits will easily ensue. Try to maintain your working routine by preparing your lunch and healthy snacks for the day and aim to drink 2 litres of water a day.  

 Practice mindfulness  

Whilst working from home can do wonders for creativity, you might find yourself getting lost in your thoughts, potentially ruminating over the current global situation. To keep focus and maintain mental harmony, consider practicing mindfulness or mediation for 10 minutes each day. Use Apps such as Mindspace or Calm if you need guidance.   

 Get creative  

Now’s the time to use your time more creatively. Many of us have now taken back our time spent commuting, going to the pub after work, attending events, social clubs and sports clubs, and can focus our time and energy on projects we ‘haven’t had the time to do’. If you have no burning desire to take up decorating or fulfil your lifelong dream of becoming a yoga coach, try developing your skills or taking online courses. Learning a new language on apps such as Duolingo would be a good place to start. Or, if you are self-employed, use your time to develop your virtual strategy and explore new products.   


It can take up to a month to form new habits so stick with your new routine and persevere.  

 As always, it is important to keep up to date with the latest Government guidelines regarding Covid-19. For more information, see  https://www.gov.uk/guidance/coronavirus-covid-19-information-for-the-public  

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