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Embracing difference and improving business outcomes

Our in-depth and effective coaching interventions embed authentic change in businesses with high impact and transformational coaching that equips individuals to set inclusive goals and build their capability.

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Inclusive coaching

A set of influential coaching transformation programmes proven to embed authentic change by developing inclusive mindsets, behaviours and cultures.

  • Advancing inclusion at work
  • Embracing difference
  • Creating a sense of belonging
  • Improving business outcomes

Coaching Programmes

Our Inclusive Coaching programmes allow all employees, teams and businesses to perform at their best

  • Inclusive Leadership Coaching
  • Under Represented Talent Coaching
  • Post Covid-19 Coaching
  • Wellbeing Coaching
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Why Clear Inclusive Coaching?

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D&I Impact

  • Accredited coaches with a diverse range of lived experiences
  • Build greater awareness, confidence and capability to address D&I challenges
  • Deepen the understanding, mindsets and behaviours essential for embedding an inclusive culture in our changing business environment
  • Delivery of strategic change that brings financial and social return on investment
Coaching Outcomes
  • Constructive change across the employee lifecycle
  • An inclusive leadership team that act as champions for diversity across their organisations, inspiring innovation and culture change
  • Improved talent engagement, retention and productivity
  • Stretching the boundaries with the ability to influence sectors and supply chains, provide inclusive customer solutions and invest in communities.
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