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Supplier Diversity Consultancy

Building an inclusive supply chain is essential for businesses that want to broaden their supply ecosystem and deliver their corporate social responsibility agenda while satisfying customers’ demands for meaningful Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (DEI) action.

Our consulting team helps clients build and implement strategies for advancing supplier diversity to strengthen their competitive position whilst increasing and championing DEI across their supply chain.

Common supplier diversity challenges

  • We do not know where to start to create a supplier diversity strategy
  • Further stakeholders buy-in and alignment is needed to deliver the strategy 
  • We want to implement inclusive procurement processes but are unclear on the gaps or best practices 
  • Our customers are asking us to report on our diverse spend and supplier diversity initiatives. 
  • How do we implement DEI standards for our suppliers? 

How we help our clients

Creating and successfully implementing a supplier diversity program requires a strategic approach coupled with an understanding of Procurement as well as DEI. The Clear Company help clients to build inclusive supply chain strategies covering each component of their program: 

What is supplier diversity?

Supplier diversity is a proactive business strategy that promotes the inclusion of diverse owned businesses in procurement activities across the company.  

Supplier diversity aims to ensure your goods or services are being provided by diverse suppliers; those which are at least 51% owned and run by those from a minority background, for example ethnic minorities, members of the LGBTQ+ community or disabled people.  

In addition, supplier diversity is a vehicle to positively influence DEI in a company supply chain and industry. 

The benefits to your business

Implementing a supplier diversity strategy has numerous benefits for your business including:

Promotes competition

Widens and promotes competition in the supply base, which can improve product quality and drive down costs

Creates new avenues

Creates new avenues for accessing new markets and gaining new clients

Promotes innovation

Set yourself apart from competitors by leveraging the creativity of minority-owned businesses

Diversifies your business

Investing in the DEI of your supply chain reflects an effort to diversify the business as a whole

Summer LinkedIn Live Series

Episode 1 - Where to Start?

Episode 2 - Common Challenges

Episode 3 - Common Supplier Diversity Drivers

Episode 2 - Common Challenges

The intention to work with a more diverse range of suppliers in line with your organisation’s diversity and inclusion strategy applies no matter the size of your organisation, whether you are procuring multi-million pound contracts or spending a few thousand pounds for a service. 

All clients can clearly see their progress towards inclusion, the impact of the changes they’ve made and the associated return on investment.

Meet our Supplier Diversity Lead: 

Alexandre Maria is a senior commercial professional. Passionate about diversity and Inclusion, he recently changed career and joined the Clear Company bringing in his experience of leading an employee network in an international organisation. He has experience in gathering DEI data and influencing change at a senior level.

Alex is particularly passionate about promoting an evidence based and holistic approach to diversity and inclusion and helping organisations engage with internal stakeholders deliver their DEI strategy.

Alexandre Maria

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