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Our clients achieve longterm culture change across the employee lifecycle and beyond – influencing supply chains, inclusive customer solutions, and investment in communities. Our solutions are delivered by a team of experts in their field that bring their diverse cultural perspectives to each project.

How We Help

Culture, Audit & Strategy

A holistic view of policy, process, practice and culture

Learning & Accreditation

A psychologically safe space for personal development and accreditation

Measurement & Development

Tactical, pragmatic steps for better performance

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What Our Clients Say

Guidant Global

“Clear Assured has given us complete clarity on what a best-in-class DEI approach really looks like. We finally feel we really know which areas in our business require focus in order to make the biggest impact and continually improve.”


“Our recruitment led Clear Audit was extremely comprehensive examining every part of our recruitment process, not only examining written evidence but interviewing all Skanska stakeholders involved in the process (HR, Line Managers etc)…”


“This was very different to anything we’d done before. Working with an external partner gave us and other people the confidence that we were getting objective, constructive feedback.”


“Our recent use of Clear Assured is a valuable contributor to making inclusion part of the everyday and is integral to our progression”

Lloyd’s of London

“You can no longer hire at Lloyd’s of London, without accreditation from the Clear Company”

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