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About Us

Our vision is to disrupt and innovate, creating an inclusive world of work. We place diversity and inclusion at the heart of what we do, are progressive leaders within our sector, and value excellence and collaboration to innovate and influence a more inclusive society.

Courageous and Curious

Here at the Clear Company, we are passionate about what we do, we get past the obvious and open minds to new possibilities, striving for the best and always staying curious, facing up to difficult and uncomfortable questions. 

Pragmatic Expertise 

We are practical in our approach and concentrate on each clients individual circumstances, we are constructive in our feedback so everyone can reach their true potential. 

Authentically Inclusive 

We embrace and elevate differences of every individual and create psychologically safe spaces for our employees and clients. 

The Clear Company has provided Equality, Diversity, and Inclusion services since 2003, establishing in-depth expertise and a global team of over 45 EDI experts.

We know that success is achieved by removing barriers to inclusion and creating diverse workplaces. By allowing unseen talent to shine, with our expert insight and action focussed approach, our clients have challenged current thinking and behaviours becoming leaders in their markets and supporting the crucial agenda of becoming socially responsible businesses.

The Clear Company are the recognised leaders of inclusive recruitment and talent management insight, training and technology in the UK and have a growing team and a host of associates involved in the delivery of specialist services.

We are still driven by a passion to create inclusive workplaces and to make sure that D&I is accessible to all types and size of business – whatever stage they are at in their inclusion journey

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