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A challenge for many organisations is to understand their culture and how things like leadership, Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) can impact culture and the performance of the business.


We know that inclusive cultures lead to high performance, greater diversity leads to better innovation and equity allows both to flourish. Which is why our consultancy and audit team take a wide-ranging approach to reviewing, assessing and advising on culture, people strategy and DEI.


We work closely with you, getting to know your organisation through our proven audit methodology. This allows us to challenge assumptions, share the evidence and enable you to achieve cultural change through our pragmatic, action focused plans.


Whatever stage of your inclusion journey you are in, having insight into the impact of your current activity, and evaluating your capability and gaps and the impact on your organisational goals is an essential process. It allows you to identify immediate culture, people and DEI priorities and longer term goals. Ultimately we work to help you connect your inclusion, people or culture strategies to the ambitions of your internal and external corporate strategy.

Explore our Culture, Audit & Strategy Solutions

Culture Audit

Our Culture Audit and Culture Maturity Model is a way for organisations to understand how social processes and behaviours impact on performance and organisational effectiveness. Extensive research shows that inclusive cultures lead to high performance, and we believe that greater diversity leads to better innovation and equity allows both to flourish. If you want a high-performing organisation, then addressing your culture is an essential starting point.

Our proven methodology allows us to source evidence and insights from across your organisation, from which we draw out tailored and pragmatic recommendations. With every organisation facing a unique set of challenges and opportunities, we ensure your recommendations are precisely aligned with your context and goals. 

Clear Audit

Clear Audit uses evidenced-based practice to assess the impact and linkage between policies, processes, behaviours, and culture on your organisational goals.


We’ll cover all aspects of inclusion, from the broadest to the most specific areas. Our thorough research process ensures that stakeholders at every level of the business have the opportunity to share their views, using quantitative data and qualitative insights to help you implement long-term cultural change.


We deliver Global Culture Audits, DEI audits as well as specific demographic audits like Gender or Race. Our robust methodology ensures we get to the real issues that organisations or communities within organisations face, as well as highlighting the positive experiences and practices to celebrate and replicate.


We also deliver topic-specific audits such as our Menopause Audit.

Inclusion Maturity Index (IMI)

The IMI is an anonymous, evidence-based diagnostic tool which measures your culture of inclusion and gathers robust, diversity monitoring data. This provides you with a readymade, best practice DEI monitoring questionnaire and a comprehensive report indicating:

Leadership Diagnostics

Every leader will be at a different level of maturity in terms of their DEI knowledge and experience, as well as understanding their own personal “why”.  Our inclusion diagnostics toolkit is a self-rating and multi-perspective rating tool that raises levels of self-awareness and enables leaders to receive feedback on where they are on their personal journey and areas of focus.

The in-depth assessment report then:

  • Provides insight into your current level of inclusion
  • Highlights strengths and uncovers areas for discussion and development,
  • Advances DEI awareness and self-awareness
  • Enables behavioural transformation for development and coaching

Trusted Partner

Trusted Partner is a cost-effective solution that combines the dedication of a personal consultant with the extensive knowledge of our diverse team of experts.

Our clients use Trusted Partner for all kinds of cost-effective projects including:

  • Cultural change
  • Leadership development
  • Policy or practice reviews
  • DEI strategy setting or implementation
    • embedding DEI in your customer impact
    • embedding DEI in your supplier development.
  • Inclusive people experiences e.g. hiring, performance and reward or wellbeing.

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