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Our Culture Audit and Culture Maturity Model is a way for organisations to understand how social processes and behaviours impact on performance and organisational effectiveness. Extensive research shows that inclusive cultures lead to high performance, and we believe that greater diversity leads to better innovation and equity allows both to flourish. If you want a high-performing organisation, then addressing your culture is an essential starting point.

We use evidence to assess the cultural maturity across the organisation as well as teams and regions – allowing us to explore the nuances and great practice, as well as any areas for development. Every organisation is unique and will have a distinct culture and specific set of challenges and opportunities. This is why we use our proven methodology to ensure we take evidence and insights to draw out tailored and pragmatic recommendations that ensure the organisation makes meaningful progress relevant to their context.  

“The reason I chose to take on an advisory role at the Clear Company is because I care deeply about lasting change at corporates – rather than just checkboxing or cookie cutter solutions whcih is so much of what I see out there. The Clear Company are a team of senior experts who are deep specialists that understand that driving real sustainable  cultural change and performance uplift is organisation specific. “

Rupal Kantaria​, Strategic Board Advisor

Our Approach

Quantitative research

  • We look at the formal cultural indicators of your organisation e.g. processes and policies like performance and reward which can act as control mechanisms driving particular behaviours.
  • We analyse data such as employee survey results and demographic data, to explore the make-up of the employee population and perceptions.

Qualitative research

  • We assess the informal cultural indicators like language, stories and values and how these are expressed and experienced.
  • Our trained experts provide confidential safe spaces to gather feedback and experiences through interviews, conversations and focus groups to explore and understand lived experiences of your organisation’s culture. 

Analysis and assessment

  • Using evidence gathered from our research we assess your organisation’s Culture Maturity. This includes insights, feedback and substantive findings to highlight indicators against our research-led model. Our model starts from ‘Unseen or Toxic’ indicators all the way through to ‘High Performance’ indicators. Typically, every organisation will have both positive and negative indicators that we highlight through our report.

Reporting and recommendations

  • Our experts use pragmatic and contextualised recommendations to support organisational and cultural change. We work as trusted partners to get the tone and language right, ensuring our feedback is digestible and comprehensive.
  • We work with our clients to make sure the challenges and opportunities are understood and – crucially – that there is a clear and tangible action plan aligned to your strategic goals.

Trusted Partners

Once your action plan or strategy has been developed, it is important to implement it effectively. Many of our clients come back to us to continue working on the proposed changes and support them in implementation. From tackling leadership behaviours, organisational structure, policies and procedures, or people programs, our consultancy practice is there to help.

Read more about our Trusted Partner approach:

Culture Audit Case Studies

Balfour Beatty

In 2019 The Clear Company embarked on a long-term partnership with Balfour Beatty, resulting in significant change evidence by a shift both in diversity demographics – but critically improvements in the experiences of diverse employees of 14-15% across a 2 year period, demonstrating a significant culture shift. 

Our CIPD-award winning Trusted Partnership with Balfour Beatty demonstrated our ability to working seamlessly as part of the Balfour team to achieve the impactful outcomes for the organisation. 

We continue to work with Balfour Beatty today delivering a broad cultural change programme called ‘Right to Respect’ across the organisation, their joint venture partners as well as their supply chain. This programme is unique in its’ breadth, depth and impact becoming a model for progressive practice across the sector and respected by regulators such as Ofwat and Ofgem. 

Global Insurance Business

In 2021 the Clear Company embarked on a global audit for a global insurance and re-insurance company, focused on establishing a baseline for Culture Change globally.

A key first step on this journey was understand the status quo with regards to their culture and diversity, equity and inclusion across the business through a full employee lifecycle audit. This drew together the evidence and analysis of the current culture, DEI related issues, challenges, good practice and opportunities in the business. 

The Clear Company undertook an audit of all central and country specific documentation and policy to develop a holistic view of the employee lifecycle at the business. The research team also conducted 57 stakeholder interviews and 13 focus groups with employees across 2 key business units. This included a cross section of leaders, hiring managers, new starters and employee network representatives. 

The outcomes of the programme have resulted in a wide range of changes addressing the key levels of cultural change including policy and process reviews, values and critically investing in knowledge, skills and behaviours which give confidence in establishing an inclusive but high performing culture. 

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