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Identify the barriers to D&I across policy, process and behaviour

D&I diagnostics that ask the difficult questions and enable our clients to link policy and process with behaviours and culture.  Use our Inclusion Maturity Index to understand your data and plan your diversity journey.


Client Testimonial

“The Clear Company took a very collaborative approach that focused on ways to improve the inclusiveness of our recruitment process going forward without providing judgement on past processes.  This meant that all stakeholders were very engaged with learning how to remove potential barriers and to create an objective process”

Susan Downey, Head of HR, Miller

Common Themes

100% of our audits have highlighted the need for significant intervention and support to develop practice

100% of our audits have required the need for cultural change that only comes from awareness of ‘difference’ amongst the hiring population

96% of our audits have found barriers to diverse talent embedded in role profiles

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Looking Beyond the Obvious

A qualified team working closely with you, challenging thinking and processes constructively. We work with leaders in their field, including specialist D&I practitioners and organisational behavioural psychologists.

  • How do colleagues really feel?
  • Why do people join, stay or leave?
  • Why aren’t colleagues disclosing personal data?

The Improvement Approach

A data focused option that provides a Diversity Dashboard with inclusion indicators for all aspects of the employee lifecycle.  Understand areas of inclusive best practice, and opportunities for improvement

  • Anonymous evidence-based questionnaires measure the culture of inclusion and gather robust diversity monitoring data
  • Perceptions around inclusion and engagement can be seen by country, business unit and demographic group
  • Use the Diversity Dashboard to analyse trends, take action and evidence progress
Clear Audit
The Discovery Approach

An approach that covers all aspects of inclusion in its broadest sense allowing organisations to increase diversity whilst creating a more inclusive place to work. A tested rigorous process that ensures stakeholders across the business are fully engaged and have the opportunity to share their views.

  • Qualitative research – detailed analysis of policy and process documentation for all or part of the employee life cycle from attraction through to retirement.
  • Quantitative research – thought provoking stakeholder interviews, surveys and focus groups to assess capability and appetite for change.
  • Combined analysis – testing the hypotheses and grounding the resultant findings in evidence and expert insight.
Taking Action

Innovative achievable action plans, delivering measurable culture change – all based on our deep dive into your data and qualitative insight.

  • Full leadership, management and colleague accountability equipping everyone to behave inclusively
  • Specific solutions that add most value to your organisations
  • Includes long term intersectional thinking that plans for a pan diverse future
  • Supported by practical solutions and toolkits for your ongoing diversity journey.
Clear Audit
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