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Clear Assured HR Software

Clear Assured

The Global Inclusion Standard 

Clear Assured is a web application and recognised Inclusion Standard containing resources and content that are constantly refreshed to keep ahead of the changing demands of employment practice across the employee lifecycle. Clear Assured sets direction, showing the areas that require focus in order to make the biggest impact and continually improve.

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Clear Assured 

D&I is fast becoming a key performance indicator in supply chain procurement. Gain competitive advantage with progress against a recognised standard in multiple sectors.  

  • providing a customised focus for organisations D&I journeys.
  •  Automatic highlights for relevant resources and tasks to do, showing the steps required to achieve the task and supporting awareness and learning.
  • Access through a low cost monthly subscription for flexibility and scalability.

Access to Expertise

An live online chat function and quarterly planning call with a dedicated Account Lead provide access to a centre of expertise and additional support and direction.

  • Educates and empowers teams driving a constructive approach
  • Efforts are spent on activity with proven benefit 
  • Encourages changes to established behaviours and culture 
  • Regular updates with all users
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Monthly Subscription 

A monthly subscription offers flexibility and scalability, choose the plan that most closely reflects your needs to access specific guidance and expertise.

The Inclusion Hub

Thought leading content is constantly refreshed to keep ahead of the changing demands of employment practice, locally (UK) and globally.

  • Policy Templates 
  • Articles and Case Studies 
  • Things to do 
  • Videos 
  • Ted Talks 
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Progress and accreditation

Celebrate your organisations success – Building from ‘Foundation’ through to Platinum level, accreditation is evidence based, practical and supports all sizes of organisations.

Stakeholders can get involved in setting focus areas and submitting evidence of progress or sign up as regular users to refresh and upskill D&I knowledge.

  • 5 stages leading to full Clear Assured accreditation
  • Allows the ambitious to aim for Platinum status
  • Monitors progress, directing efforts to activity with proven benefit
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