Court of Appeal upholds discrimination case against BT

As the Court of Appeal upholds the decision against BT for a discrimination claim brought by a candidate, the Clear Company as inclusion auditors have consistently advised caution to employers using Situational Judgement or Values based assessments at the front of a recruitment project.

Although a filter is obviously required to manage the process, its essential to ensure that this filter does not adversely affect diverse candidates. If we don’t need to self reflect in role, placing that into the selection process is not wise. Evidence based selection is the only true objective measure, you can extend the evidence sought to include transferable skills and move away from experience and qualifications but this test case should generate a close reflection of selection methods for everyone.

Equality Commission sign, which reads 'Challenging discrimination, promoting equality'.

There is a great deal of science now being brought into selection but do remember that ultimately selection is about people. Whatever method you use, have your adjustments ready and alternative assessment methods in place. Its unfortunate for BT who do so much incredible work to achieve disability confidence that they are the example for many. Read the full article here.

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