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Taking action against Racism in the workplace 

Research shows that modern racism is built into our culture, institutions and societal norms. 

Although this can make it difficult to recognise, organisations and leaders have an unprecendented opportunity to take an anti-racist stand and make change happen.

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What does research tell us?

  • 28% of ethnically diverse employees have experienced or witnessed racial harassment from their managers in the past 5 years
  • 1 in 3 British ethnically diverse workers have been bullied, abused or singled out for unfair treatment. (TUC 2017)
  • 6% of those on FTSE 100 boards are male and ethnically diverse.  3.8% are female and ethnically diverse. 

Understanding the challenge

As with many areas of Diversity and Inclusion, it is important to uncover taboos, dispel myths and tackle what is meant by the term ‘racism’. By avoiding the conversation we perpetuate the problem.

  • What is modern racism?
  • What is white privilege?
  • Understand micro aggressions
  • Acknowledge the fear of getting it wrong
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Taking Action

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How can organisations make a difference?

Creating an inclusive culture, based on trust is key to understanding and addressing racism in the workplace

  • Understand your data.  What does it say?  Are the facts analysed objectively? 
  • Be transparent.  Share information to provide evidence of the problem and the impact it has on individuals and the organisation.
  • Lay strong foundations. Culture, Policy, Leadership and Education are key to understanding and addressing racism in the workplace.
  • Create safe spaces to talk.  Allow all employees to have the opportunity to reflect, discuss and explore their emotions without judgement.
What next?

The Clear Company provide expert insight and an action focused approach.

Our Anti Racism toolkit has been developed with our partners Diversity Practice and provides an expert led first step into opening up the conversation about racism in the workplace

Supported by in-depth audits and rigorous accredited training we help our clients implement authentic change at pace.

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