Removing the BAME pay gap in the workplace

Businesses can remove the BAME pay gap and other discrimination from their recruitment and talent management practices through detailed, objective scrutiny of all HR policies and processes.

As ITN becomes one of the first media organisations to make it’s BAME pay gap public, diversity and inclusion specialists the Clear Company call for more employers to take the first steps to removing discrimination through understanding the barriers to diversity in their organisations.

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Director of Consulting, Kate Headley says, ‘It makes absolute sense. Embedding a passion for diversity and inclusion within an organisation will undoubtedly deliver better performance through attracting the best talent. Knowing where to start is often where we see people struggle. However taking the time to objectively analyse recruitment and talent management processes will highlight where the barriers to inclusion are as well as enabling organisations to create improved processes at all levels and follow a continuous programme of meaningful change and development.

The targets that ITN have set themselves reflect the many different areas that need addressing in order to combat issues such as the BAME pay gap. Initiatives like diversity forums have a key role to play in developing an inclusive mindset, however the role that training plays in instigating change should not be underestimated’. Headley notes that inclusivity and equality are a direct result of consistently applying best practice across hiring and talent management processes by people empowered with the right skills and behaviours.

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