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The Importance of HR Capability for Diversity and Inclusion

In today’s ever-evolving business landscape, investing in HR capability is crucial for organisations to thrive. The pandemic clearly underscored the central role of HR leadership in driving success, ¬†with a significant potential to effect positive change, especially in the context of diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI).

As businesses strive to integrate DEI into their day-to-day operations, there is a growing imperative to bolster this core skill within HR firms and organisations. Meeting the challenges at local and global levels requires the following key focus areas:

Leveraging Diversity Data

Utilise diversity data to analyse trends and gauge the organisation’s DEI maturity, allowing for informed decision-making and targeted improvements.

Upskilling and Education

Provide comprehensive upskilling and education to employees, equipping them with the confidence and knowledge to foster inclusive behaviours and practices.

Empowering Leaders

Offer access to the latest training and diversity and inclusion resources for leaders, empowering them to take ownership of and effectively communicate the DEI strategy throughout the organisation.

Applying a DEI Lens 

Infuse a DEI lens into all policies and frameworks, ensuring that decision-making processes align with the organisation’s commitment to diversity and inclusion.

Foundational Knowledge for DEI in HR

Developing Technical Skills for HR

Cultivating Behavioural Competencies

Accessing HR Capability Resources

To support HR teams in their journey toward building robust DEI capabilities, a wide range of resources are available. These resources include guides and toolkits, workshops, webinars, online courses, videos and podcasts, expert-led training sessions, and access to cutting-edge research and HR insights.

By proactively investing in HR capability, organisations can enhance their ability to foster diversity and inclusion, thereby driving positive organisational outcomes and creating a more equitable and inclusive work environment for all employees.

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