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The Inclusive Talent Management Experts

Building the business case and engaging your stakeholders.

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Competitive Advantage

In Delivering through Diversity, (McKinsey, Jan 2018) the conclusions are unequivocal – inclusive and therefore diverse organisations are more robust, agile and successful than those who fail to make the connection between D&I and commercial advantage. 

However, working and thinking differently requires real commitment from all and the step change needed to embed a culture of inclusion shouldn’t be underestimated. 

The Leadership Shadow

Inclusive leadership is not the same as having a diverse leadership team.  All leaders regardless of their background should embody inclusive leadership behaviours and act as champions for diversity across their organisations for there to be a culture shift. 

This is core to driving forward the success of your business. Inclusive leadership includes diversity of thought, customers, markets and talent.


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Building the Business Case

The Clear Company have worked with leading employers and are experts at building the business case for D&I.  We help our clients to:

  • Highlight problem areas to show how they affect business growth priorities
  • Zoom in on areas of potential bias and inequality
  • Understand the starting point and scale of challenge
  • Demonstrate a public commitment to effect and measure change

Read our Clear Company Insights to find out more about inclusive talent management best practice.

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