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COVID-19 resources

The impact of the pandemic has shown the essential role that inclusion has to play in organisations.

Our tools and resources deliver meaningful change, no matter where you are in your DEI journey.

Flexible Working

The Clear Company have partnered with Flexpo to equip and empower teams to create their own flexible working charter. 

 Flexpro is:

  • A virtual learning programme that encourages collaboration and accountability
  • Contains guidance and training for HR leaders
  • Enables employees to create their own team charter for flexible working
  • Teams can deliver what is needed for the business

Find out how you can create your own flexible working charter here- Flexible Working 

HR Capability

The impact of the pandemic has shown how central HR leadership is to success and their huge potential to create change within businesses. Our HR Capability training will build the knowledge, confidence and skills to lead organisational and cultural transformation.
  • DEI Foundational Knowledge
  •  Practical Application
  • Technical skills to engage all employees
Find out more about our HR Capability training tools and resources – HR Capability 

COVID-19 Impact Assessment

The Covid-19 Impact Assessment is an interactive workbook designed to support HR and DEI leaders overseeing their organisation’s inclusion strategy as focus shifts towards our ‘next norm’.

By prompting thinking and highlighting areas that need attention the workbook enables each user to quickly develop proven inclusion strategies.


An innovative online platform that ensures an inclusive recruitment, onboarding and workplace experience. As the Pandemic continues, ClearTalents can assist with any new workplace adjustment needs. With a focus on each individual’s life circumstances, ClearTalents also offer a homeworking guide to ensure everyone can work effectively in their new environment.
Learn more about the platform here – ClearTalents

Inclusion Maturity Index

Collecting and measuring Diversity and Inclusion data is increasingly at the top of HR team’s agendas. However, there are a number of challenges in establishing best practice data collection, particularly in organisations with a global remit. The Clear Company will help your organisation begin your journey to robust and thorough data collection with our Inclusion Maturity Index data monitoring tool. Areas of Focus Include:
  • Measure Culture and Inclusion
  • Diversity Monitoring
  • Identify risk points
  • Track change over time
Find out more about our Inclusion Maturity Index here.

Find out more about our tools and resources

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