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Working Globally: Developing a Glo-cal approach to your D&I strategy

Global organisations and multinationals have a huge opportunity in promoting equality and a culture of respect in the workplace and to impact the communities where they operate. Companies are also beginning to realise the importance of creating a robust and authentic Global D&I strategy, underpinned by local/regional strategies to create

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Hybrid working, opportunities and challenges

As businesses co-ordinate a welcome return to the office navigating post lockdown changes and advice as well as prioritising wellbeing and effective ways of working there are a range of challenges ahead. In the latest Diversity Forum from The Clear Company, D&I professionals shared their experiences of working through the

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Ethnicity Pay Gap, reporting and taking action

Ethnicity Pay Gap, reporting and taking action With mandatory ethnicity pay gap reporting in the UK imminent, what can businesses do to make a start and how should they use the results?  Different organisations are at different stages of their journey a fact highlighted in PWC’s Ethnicity Pay Gap reporting

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DWF Achieve Clear Assured Silver Standard

DWF Achieve Clear Assured Silver Standard In a significant advance on its DEI journey, global legal business DWF has reached Clear Assured Silver Standard.  The achievement reflects their commitment to continuously improve and create an inclusive experience for all employees embedded not only into day to day operations but owned

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Jacobs Achieve Clear Assured Silver Standard

Jacobs Achieve Clear Assured Silver Standard In a significant step on their Diversity and Inclusion (D&I) journey, global professional services firm Jacobs has achieved Clear Assured Silver Standard through their commitment to creating a truly inclusive culture where diverse talent can thrive. Their stated ambition to become the recognised employer

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Michael Page reach D&I milestone achieving Clear Assured Gold Standard

Michael Page reach D&I milestone achieving Clear Assured Gold Standard Michael Page continue their outstanding Clear Assured progress by achieving Gold Standard.  This is awarded to organisations that can provide evidence of fully integrating D&I into everything that they do with all policies and practices reflecting and reinforcing the D&I

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D&I Disruptors achieve unprecedented growth

D&I Disruptors achieve unprecedented growth The Clear Company, an award winning, global D&I consultancy are excited to announce significant team expansion in response to increased demand for their ability to deliver constructive, authentic inclusion across the employee lifecycle. Renowned for their standout passion, expert insight and action focused approach, the

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Inclusion as we transition to a new normal

As the Covid-19 challenge and our response to it evolves, the “New Normal” is a frequently used phrase.  The term implies a move from a single way of working that was “normal” to another single way of working “The New Normal”.  But there will no single version of this.  The

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How to support LGBTQ+ employees throughout the Covid-19 crisis

In times of crisis, exclusion is a greater threat to some more than others. For those in the LGBTQ+ community, the risk of homelessness, insecure employment, restricted access to healthcare and other inequalities deepen. Additionally, Stonewall’s LGBTQ+ in Britain Health Report shows that those with multiple marginalised identities can struggle even more. It is

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Why is sleep important for my wellbeing?

Sleep is often forgotten when we talk about health and wellbeing, but it plays just as an important part as eating, drinking and breathing. We spend a third of our lives asleep so its no surprise it plays an essential role in our wellbeing. Sleep helps restore our mental and physical wellbeing – it

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Is kindness the key to unlocking positive mental health?

The theme for Mental Health Awareness Week 2020, hosted by The Mental Health Foundation, is Kindness. Kindness is defined as the quality of being friendly, generous and considerate. But what does this really mean and how can it unlock positive mental health and wellbeing?  The Science of Kindness Giving, receiving,

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Inclusive Leadership in a time of crisis

Inclusive Leadership in a time of crisis We have seen many examples of poor conduct throughout the COVID-19 crisis and this likely affected employer brands once business was resumed.  So, how do we ensure we continue to make inclusive decisions that support our brand and not make rash decisions that could cause

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“I’ll go crazy!” – How to make working from home, work.

We hear it time and time again, “I’ll go crazy working from home!”, “I’m going to get so bored”, or “I don’t know how I’ll cope”. As self-isolation and quarantine measures tighten with the move to national lockdown, it’s time to prepare for the elongated stint of remote working. Following

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How to handle stress throughout the COVID-19 outbreak

In such unprecedented times, many of us find ourselves experiencing the stress and anxieties of rapidly changing routines and work practices, heightened risk to ours and our loved one’s health, and increased uncertainty for what the near future holds. If you are experiencing any of these negative outcomes from the Coronavirus

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Business as usual….Literally

As of Monday afternoon (16th March 2020), the Government strongly advised that we avoid non-essential contact, including working from home where possible. Whilst this is a reality for many organisations who have begun equipping employees with the tools they need to work remotely, it is important not to forget about the businesses and individuals for whom

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COVID-19 How to Support Remote Working

The Coronavirus outbreak is posing great stress on organisational systems and processes. Systems and processes that are so embedded in organisational culture that this shift in working practices may be causing some disruption and anxiety for what the near future holds. Covid-19 has forced us to change the way we

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International Women’s Day (what is your organisation doing?)

International Women’s Day (what is your organisation doing? As International Women’s Day approaches once again, businesses and employees alike reflect on their own business’s work culture. Is the business inclusive in supporting and nurturing talent regardless of their gender identity, or is there still a way to go? The pay

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Closing the gender pay gap

Closing the gender pay gap Last year, we reported on the minimal progress that had been made in closing the gender pay gap. Although slow, it was still a step towards balancing the scales. Although the number of women in senior leadership positions is growing, most sectors still show a

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Are Diversity and Inclusion Initiatives good for business?

Are Diversity and Inclusion Initiatives good for business? Recently, it was announced the BBC paid a female broadcaster, Sarah Montague, £400,000 in recognition of an historical pay gap between her and her male counterparts; and it’s since become apparent there’s at least another 120 such cases being investigated. In fact,

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